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Class History

The West Los Angeles Kung Fu School got its start in 1973. Master Gary Steuer was asked by his teacher Grandmaster Ark Yuey Wong, to teach Kung Fu he had learned at a new school, Grandmaster Wong was requested to open in Santa Monica. After a short period of time, Gary eventually took over the school at Santa Monica Blvd and Bundy Dr. The West Los Angeles Kung Fu School has remained open since then and includes many of the original students from that time, these students  are now the principle instructors. Gary has retired to live in Thailand, but continues to offer support to the class, can be reached for internet instruction (see contact and class pages and encourages what he was taught by Grandmaster Wong to be passed on to a new generation.


After years at the Santa Monica location, the school was moved to become part of the Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department physical activities program. The class at the park has been continually open for the last 41 years. This stable environment has allowed us to serve the local community but also to maintain a traditional training style and preserve the Five Family Style of Kung Fu as it was originally passed down from Grandmaster Ark Y. Wong. Our association with the park has allowed us to not be pressured to change or modify our training style to suit the needs of running a for profit school. 


Our goal is to carry on the Kung Fu traditions and teachings that were given to us, by teaching them to others. To constantly question what we think we know, and to find the essence of the martial applications of the forms and skills that we have learned. To respect every student and teach them to achieve the goals they have related to why they are learning Kung Fu. To always respect every other martial art, because there is always something to learn. To find new ways to expand the ways this great martial art can reach and benefit more people.


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