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About Kung Fu


Shaolin Kung Fu is the forerunner to many Martial Arts that are in existence today. It comprises the aspect of good health along with self-defense. A series of set movements are learned by the student (forms), so practice can be done anytime, anywhere, alone or with others. Along with the various patterns that are learned, there are also related exercises that are done to strengthen the body, in order to carry it to the next set of patterns that continually get harder and harder to perform. The training stresses both internal and external energy development.


The term Kung Fu does not refer to any Martial Art, it simply means, “Time well spent”. When someone would comment that your Kung Fu was good, it simply means that you did not waste your time doing something that was not worthwhile, that you spent your practice time constructively.


Kung Fu is a very circular style which uses round continuous movements in order to keep opposing forces moving rather than trying to stop them point blank. You assist your opponent’s energy to be redirected to a point or position of your advantage. This can be applied by small movements of hands, arms, legs or the entire body.

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